Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Your Trend This Eid


More often than not we are in a lurch wondering what the trend to be following is and what is the trend that suits our style. Then here is a loud shout to all of you there is no hard and fast rule as to the ‘it’ trend. There are a lot of factors in deciding what trend is right for you. Not every trend they catwalk on the ramp is for you, for you is the trend that compliments your individuality and accentuates your style strengths.

Eid is that time of the year when we want to dress our best not only because of the high socializing but because of the religious zeal and celebratory spirit too. For that perfect Eid dress no body wants to go wrong with their style and trend.

One easy way to get your Eid dress right in style and trend is to follow these easy dress tips according to your body shape.
For broad shoulders keep your Eid dress with wide neckline, short sleeves; light fabric dress helps to visually reduce broad shoulders.
For a big bust line your Eid dress should avoid V-necks and scoop necks. High Neck dress works well, combined with full sleeves.

  • For a small bust line Empire Basques, V-Necks and bulkier fabric dress creates an illusion of fullness.
  • For heavy arms always wear sleeves that are not fitted yet follow the body line. Avoid heavy and thick fabric Eid dress.
  • For heavy hips it is important not to wear 
  • fitted, short Eid dress. Instead wear moderately loose and longer length Eid dress in thicker fabric to give a leaner look this Eid.
  • Style and trend this Eid should be defining your dress this year.

Dressing Tips


It is about your dress yes but to a large extent it is how you wear your dress. Your dress might be that perfect A-shape dress that is all the rage. Dress might be screaming fashion from every possible thread but when you wear it umm next please!

Here are dress tips that will make sure what you wear is right and how you wear it is right too.

In a dress look for tops that enhance your facial features. Fashion is what suits you. Choose flattering color dress for your skin tone and fashion accessories to highlight your best features.

Avoid a dress that draws attention to what you feel are your negative features. Avoid dress that is too tight that will overemphasis your features. A general rule to follow in a dress is that your tops should not be darker than your bottoms. Matching color of dress top and bottom is a good fashion idea. If not, draw attention to the upper waist area by wearing a dark dress bottoms and vibrant colored dress tops, with or without prints.

The color for brides


Brides are taking matters into their own hands and choosing gowns in vibrant colors, with red probably being one of the boldest choices. If you want to stand out a little but don’t want to put on something too shocking, you might want to consider integrating just a little bit of color in your bridal dress.

A red bridal dress is a perfect bridal look if you’re aiming to make a statement. You should approach with slight caution as it’s not quite as easy to wear as you might think. Red is such an overpowering color for bridal dress that it can leave you looking washed out, especially if you have a pale complexion. Darker toned girls can go for bright, pillar-box shades for bridal dress.

Red is usually the colour of the bridal dress in Pakistan. Red represents rose and in Pakistan a bride is like a rose. And many brides even today prefer to wear the traditional red color bridal dress on their wedding day.

Brides nowadays have started experimenting with their bridal dresses hence there is a large variety of colors one can choose from.

Brides are expected to dress in a manner that cast their families in the most favorable light, for they were not representing only themselves during the ceremony. Brides often wear bridal dress with rich colors and expensive fabrics.

Gul Ahmed Eid Lawn 2013 Summer Prints Collection


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Pakistani Eid Dresses


Eid is an important event for Muslims. In the celebration of Eid, men, women and children look their best. People want to wear new clothes. Some women make their own clothes to follow their taste in the clothes that they wear.

Eid clothes are made ready long before, hiding secretly in mother’s cupboard, ready to make their debut on Eid morning. Oh the joy of seeing the sparkle of the new set of Eid clothes, showing off the latest in Eid fashion as people parade from house to house with hugs, and cries of “Eid Mubarak”.

As only some hours left before the Eid day, men's ready-made shalwar kameez has steal the Eid show during shopping spree among the Eid shoppers. The outlets displaying shalwar kameez get jam-packed. A large number of males from teenager to mature are swarming to Eid Bazaars and shopping centers to buy hot favorite 'Shalwar Kameez'.

Eid is one festival which is universal celebrated by all Muslims and to show their joy on this day people put a lot of effort in the clothing and in preparation of the food. Clothes are usually self designed by majority of the people for Eid and on Eid day everyone gets up early gets ready wearing their new Eid clothes and goes for Eid prayers.

Clothes play an important role on eid day as people especially wear new clothes for the celebrations.